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Buy an NFT to place the Bet!

Blockchain fueled betting

Betting slip (NFT) as a memory

History in the making 

The Platform

NFT Bets is using NFT Marketplaces on EVM L2 chains to allow people to place bets on sporting and other events by buying the NFT of the person they think will win..

The platform collects 15% of the wagers as a fee and the rest is distributed to the winners

Blockchain agnostic

Honoring contributers

Community focussed

Sharing benefits with the community

Direct feedback possibilities

Fair and fun.

Go to the NFT Marketplace, bet by buying the NFT and collect the rewards in the wallet holding the NFT

Our approach in steps


US Elections

The First Bet on NFTBets will be a long running bet for the US elections.

The Bets will be possible on three different candidates...  In case a big shift occurs in polling. The running bet will be closed and a new one will be opened...

Other presidential elections will be added in due time as well..



Sports  will be an ever growing category after the proof of concept is done with the Elections.

Sports like Tennis, Formula 1, Cycling and bigger tournaments will be added step by step..


Community Benefits

Hold on to your NFT's as there are plans to bring part of the revenue generated back to the community.

The intention is also to bring secondary value to NFT's on the secondary market.

Place your bets

Hold your NFT's for community rewards.



The US Presidential Elections for November '24 is the first betting category

Bets ongoing on different platforms in Arthera, Rollux and Polygon blockchain.

Linkas can be found in the Election Section:

Way of working

In the infographic it is explained how NFT Bets works.

Pay Out to the winners will happen within a week from the event ending..

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